Sunday, January 21, 2007

Not Just RRSP's

I just read from this post that it is more advantageous to put new capital into a non-registered account, than it is to put it into a registered account (ie. my RRSP).
I've always suspected that new investment money should go into a non-registered account, but I have been brainwashed by the mutual fund propaganda and big bank propaganda to make RRSP investing a priority.
Unfortunately, much of my retirement money is inside RRSP's. Still, it is good to know this hidden and obscure fact that the banks will never tell you about - they want you to throw everything into an RRSP, so that they can sell you more of their mutual funds. I think this will help to provide some structure and direction for my retirement investments.


Anonymous said...

Yes you have to wonder about the value of the RRSP now in light of the fact that the conservatives may do away with the capital gains tax altogether. I feel like i've been bamboozled since I have about half of my savings in a RRSP.

Phileo said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Yeah, I wouldn't get too depressed just yet, the Libs are not going to let them do away with the CapGains tax without a fight - this could be one of those things that triggers an election call, who knows?
Anyways, I'm planning on directing any new money into my non-registered investment account, in light of this fact.