Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year, New Plan

Time to dust off this blog and put it to use.
I won't have access to funds for my regular trading account for the next few months until I have finished moving, but I still want to trade, since it is in my blood.
So, in the past week, I have come to the conclusion that I will swing trade stocks in my RRSP account.

The initial goal would be to make $2K per month. I believe that is a reasonable, realistic, and achievable goal.
For Canadian stocks, I am looking for at least a 2:1 risk/reward ratio, but for US stocks, I will need to have at least a 3:1 risk/reward ratio as the one of the criteria for selecting a swing trade candidate because of the extra fees charged for forex. Other elements of my swing trading plan will be revealed in the coming weeks.

I have included a link to my rrsp trading journal (at the sidebar) to keep track of all of my trades.

I have already made swing trades in AMZN, POT, and MA, but those won't count because they were made in 2007.

Release the hounds and let the games begin!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tanker index, week2

Sorry, there was no update for the tanker index for week1.
Anyways, I'm going to be brief here.

Index Value: 10,650.55
Index Performance: 6.5%

Genco got scared out of the volatility of the Nasdaq market, and moved over to the NYSE. The ticker is no longer GSTL, but it is now GNK.

Trend is up, things look good, and I'm going to look at picking up some FRO, although DRYS also looks good here.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tankers Index

I am going to start a shipping tanker index. I am interested in the shipping tankers that pay a juicy dividend. I will be using the index to help me identify when to enter and when to exit my positions in the tanker stocks.
The criteria for my tanker index is as follows:

1. Must trade on an American Exchange (AMEX, NYSE, or NASDAQ)
2. Must have a Market Cap of at least $500 Million
3. Must have a dividend yield of at least 4%
4. Must be in the cargo shipping business, with a fleet of tankers.
5. It will be start out as an equal weight index, so a DryShips will have as much influence on the index as a Knightsbridge.

The candidates I have so far for my index include:

1. Diana Shipping (DSX)
2. DryShips (DRYS)
3. Eagle Bulk Shipping (EGLE)
4. FrontLine (FRO)
5. Genco (GSTL)
6. General Maritime Corp. (GMR)
7. KnightsBridge Tankers (VLCCF)
8. Nordic American Tankers (NAT)
9. Quintana Maritime (QMAR)
10. Ship Finance International (SFL)

On the watchlist is DHT and ATB, both of which will enter into the index once they reach the MktCap minimum requirement.

Initial value of the index is 10,000. I will report at least once a week on this index.